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Natural Skin Whitening

10:00 AM - June 28, 2015 by Laura Wanschers

Many people approach us seeking to know the best way to whiten the skin. But each time they do, we normally inquire from them how they plan to achieve this aesthetic goal. We always get the same answer; that they want to whiten skin using reliable and effective methods and not the harsh and unreliable chemical cocktails.

It is very clear to us that nobody wants to use the whitening chemicals and bleaches, and therefore we have rolled up our sleeves to prepare an equally effective natural skin whitening remedies that you’ll be happy about.

As thrilling as the world of regular medicine is, so is the field of natural remedies. There is plenty to comprehend too. Therefore, you need an ultimate guide to ensure that you are no misled when looking for reliable and effective natural skin whitening home remedies. After an extensive research on natural products for lighter skin, here is our original list that will get in the right direction:

1. Fermented milk

Fermented milk comes top in our list of organic skin lighteners. Other milk products including yogurt and buttermilk can also be used. These products will nurture as well as whiten your skin when you apply them.

Lactic acid is the naturally occurring compound in the goats’ and cows’ milk products that can be attributed to this whitening effect.

Even though lactic acid is capable of whitening skin, the results are not realized instantly and require continued and consistent use.

Therefore, milk products cannot be used as a cosmetic cover-up for instant and brief results, but are ideal for everlasting results.

2. Freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice

Lemon and lime juice not only whitens your skin, but also be used to exfoliate darker surface skin. For a more effective (actually twice as effective) skin whitening formula, it is recommended to mix the two (lime and lemon juice) with almond oil.

Almond oil which is usually distilled from almond nuts is a popular substance in the world of dermatology that supplies active ingredients while cleaning the skin itself. The oil softens dead skin cell making it easier for the lemon-lime mix to exfoliate them.

Moreover, the oil helps keep the skin pores open while simultaneously softening it. This is very critical as it allows the skin to absorb whitening agents easily.

Lastly, almond oil is known to contain beneficial naturally occurring compounds that directly nurture your skin. Almond oil is also categorized as a non-comedogenic substance which means that it does not activate the development of black heads and white heads.

3. Cucumbers and Tomatoes

You will not believe it but your salad can help you achieve the results that you want. All you need to do is to include cucumbers and tomatoes in your salad! Fortunately, they are widely available and very affordable. Tomato juices contains an array of beneficial compounds such as antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that easily absorbed by the skin. On the other hand, cucumbers are responsible for cooling and relaxing the skin. Cucumbers also help in getting rid of toxins from the skin pores.

Do you want a simple and relaxing mask before you go to bed? You just need some sliced tomatoes and cucumbers. Eureka!

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