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The Truth About Skin Whitening Products

7:00 PM - July 2, 2015 by Laura Wanschers

It is the desire of everyone in the world to have a healthy, light skin that appears younger than his or her real age. Manufacturers of skin care products have come up with different brands and more effective skin whitening products that are capable of making your skin lighter within a short time. Are you contemplating on which product is suitable and effective for whitening your skin? If so, then here is the list of the skin whitening products that have been tested and proven to work more effectively when it comes to making your skin lighter. The truth about these products will make you realize the value of your skin whitening forever.

1. Citrus-based whitening creams

Citrus-based whitening creams are rich in extracts from different varieties of citrus fruits. Citrus fruits such as limes, oranges and lemons are most commonly used. For example, lemons are rich in vitamin C, which is responsible for regulating the organelles that control the production of melanin, the natural pigment of the skin, and hence controlled production of melanin can result in skin whitening.

2. Kojic acid

This is an acid produced naturally by different species of known fungi. Aspergillus oryzae is the most prominent species that is grown specifically for the production of Kojic acid. Kojic acid is used mainly used in manufacturing cosmetic products and skin care products for skin whitening. Also, it is in industries to preserve the color of fish, vegetables, and fruits. Just like Citrus-based whitening creams, when you apply Kojic acid on your skin it reduces production of melanin thus results to skin whitening.

3. Licorice extract

Licorice extract is amongst the oldest skin whitening products in the western world. Licorice extracts were initially used in treating the different types of skin disorders in In Eastern old-style medicine. Licorice extract is a plant extract containing Glabridin compound that is responsible for whitening your skin. Glabridin compound not only whiten your skin by constraining melanin production and decreasing inflammation of tissues that typically cause darkening of your skin. However, it also aids in deflecting ultraviolet rays of the sun that are harmful to your skin.

4. Mulberry extract

Mulberry contains Arbutin, a natural chemical that is related to commercial hydroquinone. Commercial hydroquinone has got severe side effects when used for a long time; it increases the risk of cancer that is not the case with arbutin. Arbutin is the preferred most by several users because it has a considerably cleaner and safer record. Also, scientists have proven that arbutin chemical is capable of giving as much skin whitening results without causing harm to the skin cells through cytotoxicity.

5. Glutathione

This is a natural occurring, biosynthesized agent present in plants, animals and in plants. Glutathione is produced naturally by our bodies to get rid of toxins and waste in our body. Current studies have shown that when one has high Glutathione levels in his or her body, then it means that his or her body is fit. When Glutathione is taken together with Vitamin C, it results in skin lightening. However, you must determine whether you can use oral glutathione or injectable glutathione you by consulting your dermatologist. As a general rule, about 2000mg of Glutathione is the recommended amount required for the initiation of the skin lightening process.

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